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Smoke-free Law Has Broad Spectrum Of Support

In a July 16 letter to the Flint Journal, Melissa Florida of Flushing makes several embarrassing assertions about Michigan’s smoke-free workplace law. For opponents of this law, the facts never get in the way of telling us what they “know is true.”

First, Ms. Florida says that she “disagrees with her (Judy Stewart’s) take on the Lottery not being negatively impacted.” Well, she may disagree, but the Bureau of the Lottery’s sales figures do not. According to the Bureau’s 2010 annual report, sales for almost all Lottery games declined, not just Keno and other “bar” games. There is no unique evidence to suggest the smoking cigarettes ban is the primary cause for declining lottery sales.

Furthermore, she argues, “A poll of 600 people is ridiculous.” A quick lesson in statistics shows it’s not ridiculous. It is nearly impossible to poll every Michigan resident (it costs about $11 million to have a statewide election, and we’re lucky to get about half!) If we drew random samples of 600 people at a time until we polled all 9.8 million residents, we would get results that resembled a normal curve. We can use that normal curve to estimate the error in a smaller sample of residents.

There have been a dozen polls on this topic over the past several years and all have found the same level of support for smoke-free workplace laws.

Finally, she states “a handful of government people decided this issue for us.” Well, in the House of Representatives, the vote was 73-31 and the Senate vote was 24-13, with both Democrats and Republicans supporting the measure. To date, there is yet to be a law introduced in the Legislature to repeal this law.

Smoke-free workplaces are supported by a broad spectrum of Michigan residents. Consumers, employees and restaurant owners support smoke-free restaurants and bars. I urge people like Ms. Florida and Mr. Steven Mace to accept the overwhelming set of facts and data showing the Dr. Ron Davis law is a popular and appreciated law. Just because you think or say the smoking cigarettes ban is unpopular doesn’t make it true. is the leading tobacco marketplace for cheap cigarettes products at the lowest price from all over the Internet.

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