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Dangerous New Products

The tobacco companies are responding to statewide smoking cigarettes restrictions by developing new smokeless tobacco products. One look at these products and it's apparent they have little in common with traditional chew-besides the same deadly effects of course. Most are dissolvable, meaning no spitting is involved in their use. They also come in different forms, most of which look deceptively harmless.

The colorful packaging and candy flavors of these products also make them more appealing to kids. In fact, unless you already knew what they were, you could easily mistake most of them for candy. For instance, new "Camel Orbs" take the form of small mints and look nearly identical to tic-tacs, right down to their bright, eye-catching packaging.

As a coalition working to protect our youth, we are especially disturbed by the discrete nature of these products. They're not as obvious as cigarettes store or chewing tobacco, but make no mistake, they are deadly.

No one actually expects responsible behavior from big tobacco at this point, but companies like Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds have clearly hit a new low. These products are currently being tested in cities all across the country, and Snus, small dissolvable tobacco pouches that fit in the corner of your cheek, are already available throughout Wisconsin.

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