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Anti-smoking Ordinance Intrudes On Rights Of Businesses

The Fultondale smoking cigarettes ordinance goes too far. The law is a direct intrusion on a storeowner's right to run his business as he sees fit.

The city can outlaw smoking cigarettes in all city-owned public buildings, for all I care, but to come right out and tell private business owners what they can or cannot allow in their establishment?

Alcohol sales result in drunken-driving accidents? Is alcohol next on the ban list?

Fatty foods cause obesity. Is Fultondale going to outlaw them, too? The smoking cigarettes ban is based on the health risk, right? Alcohol and fatty foods are health risks, too.

There comes a point when government goes too far, and this is it. If secondhand smoke cigarettes bothers you, don't patronize the businesses that allow it. It's as simple as that. is the leading tobacco marketplace for cheap cigarettes products at the lowest price from all over the Internet.

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